The Return of Alfa Romeo?

18 Oct

I was ten years old the last time an Alfa Romeo was sold in the United States.  What is an Alfa Romeo you say?  Well twenty years ago Alfa Romeo’s were relatively unreliable Italian cars that you almost had to buy two of, one to drive and one to use for extra parts.  That being said they were beautiful and many people were willing to look past their Alfa’s quirky personality traits for a little……. personality?  While 1995 was the last year of the Alfa Romeo’s being sold in the states they continued production and sales back home in Italy where they are known for their elegant, distinct, and often flashy Italian design.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Rumor has it that Alfa Romeo is staging a return to the United States market; a return that many couldn’t be more excited about.  A legitimate concern for Alfa and it’s return will definitely be their unreliable history here in the states but hopefully for their case most consumers won’t even remember when Alfa’s were sold in North America.  It has been reported that Alfa Romeo could have as many as five models ready for North American duty by 2012 that will bed sold by Chrysler along with the new Fiat 500.

Fiat 500

While the Ford and GM seem to be cutting brands to reduce the complexity of their advertising and marketing race with their competitors Chrysler whom was recently purchased by the Italian company Fiat seems to be expanding.  The big three have been plagued over the past decade with brand identity and setting themselves apart from their competitors as they overwhelmed market segments with too many of the same vehicles with different badges.  While Chrysler has struggled in the past with these same issues, bringing in Alfa Romeo’s and Fiats as well as implementing Fiat’s technologies and resources should do well in giving Chrysler a new lease on life and identity.  It may be a slow start but Alfa Romeo and Fiat will be a welcome gust of fresh air and flair to a market that is slowly rising from a near 30 imprisonment of boring.


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