2009 AMS Performance Nissan GT-R

8 Nov

Nearly every automotive manufacturer worth its salt has what is called a “Halo Car”, a car that is designed to carry the company squarely upon its shoulders.  A “Halo Car”, if done right, should be the car that pops into anyone’s mind when the parent company is put in front of them.  Examples of famous “Halo Cars” would include the Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, and the Ferrari Enzo.  “Halo Cars” aren’t just another “point a to point b” mode of transportation either, they are designed to showcase their parent companies expertise in design, performance, and cutting edge technology.

Possibly one of the most famous of these “Halo Cars” is Nissan’s GT-R and when automotive manufacturers start building super cars, tuner companies line up in throngs to make them even more other-worldly.  AMS Performance, based out of Chicago Illinois, has recently joined the GT-R tuner fray and quite possibly built the worlds fastest GT-R.  How fast is the worlds fastest Nissan GT-R?  To put it simply it can hold it’s own against the Bugatti Veyron, a car that costs $2,000,000, can reach half way to 500 MPH and do it without spilling your morning beverage.  The Nissan won’t do 253 MPH like the quad-turbo V-16 Bugatti can but pit the AMS GT-R against it in a drag race for 1320 feet and it’s a toss up.

Bugatti Veyron

So how does AMS get so much juice out of the GT-R?  It’s pretty simple really: bigger turbos, better fuel delivery, more efficient cooling, and an upgraded computer in all seriousness make this particular GT-R nearly twice as fast as the stock version.  AMS calls it the Alpha 9 GT-R and it will take its pilot from 0-60 MPH in an absolutely face melting 2.6 seconds- the stock GT-R will do it in 3.5.  Power is bumped from 485-hp to 800 and quarter mile times drop from 11.9 to 10.4 and will will do it on 97 octane gasoline; if your you’re really itching for gray hair, race gas will bump the Alpha 9 to 900-hp and break into the 9 second quarter mile range.  You can’t just make a car super fast and leave it at that either, to make sure the Alpha 9 GT-R can handle the significant increases in power AMS also equipped it with 19-inch forged Rays wheels, stickier tires, and a fully adjustable coilover suspension system.  All these go fast goodies and Bugatti Veyron like speed bring expectations of stratospherically high prices.  While $127,000 is definitely not chump change it’s about the same price you would pay for the new king of Corvettes the ZR-1 and the AMS Alpha 9 GT-R would blow the doors right off it.

To learn more about AMS Performance you can click here and if you would like to see Motor Trend’s latest opportunity to test the Alpha 9 click here.


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