New Boss 302 Gets Two Personalities

12 Nov

I’ve been taught that it’s bad to covet another’s property.  The 2011 Boss 302 Mustang hasn’t even left the production line yet and I’m already coveting the property of those that will be the lucky owners.  According to Ford, production of these beauties will be starting in January of 2011 and end that December.  An official number has not yet been released but it’s clear that the Boss 302, being a special edition Mustang, will be produced in limited supply.  This fact alone means that the 2011 Boss 302 will be an instant collectible.  Prices have not been announced either although Ford has said that it will be pricing the new Boss somewhere between the regular GT and the Shelby GT500, that pretty much leaves the price tag somewhere between $33,000 and $50,000.

1970 Boss 302

The Boss 302 won’t come cheap by any means, but if the funds are available this limited edition pony is not going to disappoint.  Not only will owners have one of most powerful production Mustangs ever built, with it’s 440-hp 5.0L V-8, they’ll also have a little piece of history .  In 1969 and 1970 the original Boss 302 Mustangs were cruising the streets with beautiful magnum 500 wheels, shaker hood scoops, and let’s not forget a bloodline bred for racing.  Production versions of the Boss 302’s were built to commemorate their racing counterparts that competed in the Trans Am racing circuit.  In 1970 a Boss 302 set the track record at Laguna Seca raceway and for 2011 the new Boss Mustang can be had in either standard Boss 302 form or Boss 302 Laguna Seca trim.  The Laguna Seca model is slightly more track tuned than the regular Boss but it’s still street-legal.

For 2011, Boss 302 owners also get two keys for their Mustangs.  One for regular day to day driving duty and the other for track days.  Each key is equipped with a computer chip or smart-key technology and depending on which key is inserted into the ignition, two different Mustangs could come to life.  With the standard black key you get 440-hp on tap and regular Boss 302 performance which by anyone’s standards is still substantial, enough to slap around a BMW M3 in case their was any wondering.  The red key, for a fee, can be programmed at the Ford dealer to flash the Mustangs engine management settings and set them for a more aggressive purpose.  A modest increase to 444-hp will be achieved along with 200 other engine settings that range everywhere from torque output, engine timing, and throttle response.  With the red key in the ignition the most noticeable difference is right off the bat with the exhaust note.  The regular smooth running V-8 suddenly bursts to life as a rolling, gurgling, Trans Am racer!

2011 Boss 302 "Laguna Seca"

With the red key in the ignition the Boss 302 still manages to pass emissions regulations and if so desired can still be driven on the street if that loud rumbling exhaust is what you want to serenade you as you cruise through town and who wouldn’t want that?  The fun with the Boss 302 doesn’t stop there either, as it will be built in limited numbers there is already a list going around to reserve your order and for those who reel in the Boss 302 Ford has prepared a little something special.  For those that decide to have their red key uploaded with Ford Racing technology free lessons are in order for Boss 302 owners.  The lessons will be held at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah and will be for the purpose of teaching owners how to drive their Mustangs on a track.  According to Motor Trend magazine Ford will also be providing Mustang GT‘s and a number of pre-production Boss 302’s for the participants to drive.

Not only will the 2011 Boss 302 Mustang be a collectible car for years to come, but it will also bring a great deal of satisfaction to its owners.  While many will be tempted to put their Boss in mothballs in a corner of their garage for future investment purposes, Ford has been clear that they want these Mustangs out on the track.  The Boss 302 is being built to be driven, save the cotton balls for your toy models.


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