Ecoboost Update

3 Dec

It’s been several weeks since our article debut on the torture tests of the Ford F-150 with Ecoboost engine #448AA.  The F-150 and Ecoboost duo are still at it, working hard to prove to the world that a turbo charged V-6 can get down and dirty with the big V-8’s that have powered America’s full-size pick-ups for decades.  To date, the F-150 powered by Ecoboost #448AA accumulated a simulated 150,000 miles via a dyno stress test, traveled 1900 miles to the heavily wooded forests of Oregon where it acted as a skidder for a day, hauling logs that weighed several tons.  Then a 3300 mile trip followed, taking the Ford mascots to Miami Florida and Homestead Miami Speedway where it has recently completed it’s third hurdle in proving to the world that Ecoboost V-6’s are built just as Ford tough as any V-8.

24 Hours of Nascar

As with the first two tests of the Ecoboost, 24 hours of pulling 11,300 lbs of Nascar are meant to test the durability and longevity of the Ecoboost V-6.  This being a “torture test”, Ford engineers made sure that the F-150 and Ecoboost pair were pushed to their very limits.  Once the F-150 reached it’s destination in Miami the Ford team hooked it up with it’s maximum towing capacity of 11,300 lbs.  Rolling out onto the track the Ecoboost powered the F-150 with it’s three-axle trailer, loaded with two stock cars, for the next 24 hours.  Those 24 hours weren’t just normal highway driving either, it was full throttle acceleration for over 1600 miles under full boost.  During the test the F-150 averaged speeds in excess of 80 MPH, running at 5700 RPM.  The turbos themselves would run at over 200,000 RPM, glowing red with the extreme heat from load they were carrying.  Stopping only for tire changes and fuel the Ecoboost performed and passed the test with flying colors.  The tests are not over for #448AA, Ford’s golden boy must still travel 2500 miles to the Arizona desert for what Mike Rowe calls a “grueling uphill race against Ram and Silverado V-8’s”.  Grueling, to say the least, has been the short life of Ecoboost #448AA and so far it had proven worthy to work alongside any full size pick-up powered by a V-8.  With tests of uphill comparison tests with Ram and Chevrolet, plus the Baja 1000 race, and a tear down of the engine to check the engine wear, Mountain High Motoring will keep you posted.  When this article posts it will be my birthday and I think that it’s safe to say that I want a Ford with and Ecoboost V-6 under the hood.

To view Mountain High Motoring’s original review of the Ecoboost torture tests click here .

To view Ford’s latest video footage of the torture tests, narrated by Mike Rowe, click here.


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