Veyron Super Sport Shies From The Venom GT

18 Jul

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, current reigning king of supercardom, seemed to have a panic attack at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last month when the new Hennessey Venom GT was lined up behind it.  Rather than sticking to its guns as the loud and proud fastest production car in the world and hitting the track first, it timidly pulled to the side and let the Venom GT burn rubber first.  Is Bugatti afraid that its title is in jeopardy?  Watch the video here and decide for yourself.  If you’re wondering just how fast Hennessey’s creation is, get a load of the passenger’s “deer in the headlights look” when John Heinricy puts the pedal to the metal!


One Response to “Veyron Super Sport Shies From The Venom GT”

  1. Nevin July 20, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Maybe the Bugatti was afraid, however it may lose the title as the Koensigsegg Agera R can reach 273mph, and SSC is making their revenge against Bugatti with their next supercar to reach 275mph. Also the successor to the legendary Mclaren F1 will debut in 2012. But its still not over yet, because recently Ferrari announced that their flagship (F70) will also try for the crown. Don’t forget the transtar with their desire to reach an astonishing 300mph. All this will be so much pressure for these brands, especially so many coming in the same time frame, quite amazing.

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