Barn Find: 150 1997 Chrysler Neons

1 Nov

There are countless articles out there on great barn finds.  Usually, they consist of one extremely rare classic that somehow got lost in grandpa’s weed patch or potato cellar after the transmission went out and he couldn’t afford to fix it.  Twenty to thirty years later some lucky prospector uncovers the hidden gem, get’s it for a steal… or not, and begins the restoration process.

A Warehouse Full of Untouched Neons

I recently became aware of barn find of a different nature.  It’s not a noteworthy car by any means, unless you’re into building track and derby cars, and there is a whole lot more of them than one. is an eCommerce website similar to eBay that has a global reach.  A vendor/supplier that usually sells heavy equipment has somehow managed to get its hands on a warehouse full of Chrysler Neons.  All with zero miles on the clock and covered in dust.  For an asking price of $1,350 these little American compacts are a steal.  Flush the fluids, replace some belts and hoses, and toss in a new battery, and you’ve got yourself and brand new car.  There is one problem if you’re state side.  This stash of right hand drive Neon’s is in Singapore.  Still, after shipping and a quick tune up, it might be a worthy investment.


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