Swap Your Chevrolet Volt For a Corvette!

2 Dec

The automotive industry, with it’s recent plague of PR nightmares, has had it’s fare share of glaring failures as well as shining successes.  General Motors is the most recent company to be faced with a potentially fatal PR situation.  Every vehicle sold in the United States must undergo rigorous crash testing regiments to ensure it is up to the standards of the NHTSA.  Apparently the Volt (Chevrolet’s newfangled extended range vehicle) has had a few problems.  According the NHTSA, some volts have exhibited a fire in the battery pack after being involved in a collision.

Obviously, GM doesn’t want their poster child for the future of the company going up in flames, both literally and figuratively.  Fortunately for them, PR has potentially saved the day.  While many Volt owners are not blowing the problem out of proportion as Toyota owners did with the sticking throttle crisis.  Some have expressed concerns with driving their Volts, feeling that they may be unsafe.  To ease the fears of these Volt Owners, GM has come up with a plan.  If you feel unsafe with your Volt, GM will loan you any new GM vehicle until the issues with the NHTSA have been resolved.  Did they really mean to say any GM vehicle?  Apparently, yes they did.  Which means you could be driving around a brand new Corvette if you so choose!  More information can be found in the articles below!  Are any of you Volt owners going to cruising around in a Vette this weekend? 🙂


One Response to “Swap Your Chevrolet Volt For a Corvette!”

  1. nevin December 2, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    That is awesome……..corvette ZR1 or CTS-V lol.

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