A Blemish In The Paint Isn’t Always What It Seems

11 Feb

About a month ago, I a submitted a post discussing how important it is to give your car or truck a regular wash, especially during the winter months.  Staying true to my word, I wash both my vehicles on a weekly basis, actually I usually give them a full detail on a weekly basis.  You could say that I’m a little bit obsessed.  Sometimes however I’m just too busy and only have the time for a quick wash.  Last week provided several days of beautiful weather and so I took the advantage of giving my 2000 Dodge Durango a good wash. Because of my obsession with maintaining my vehicles, I’m keenly aware of every scratch, fade, and dent that my cars have and I always notice new ones.

This time, as I was drying off my Durango I came upon a giant scuff on the roof and lift gate.  It most definitely hadn’t been there the week before, I definitely would have noticed.  At first glance my stomach churned because it was very unsightly.  For its age my, Durango is in excellent shape and I really didn’t want this blemish on my paint.  At first glance it looks like a garage door casualty, as if I’d been backing out with the garage door too low.  Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I don’t have a garage.  My vehicles are stuffed like sardines in an apartment complex’s parking lot, left to fend off careless parking jobs, door dings, and the elements.  Since I don’t have a garage I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how that unsightly scuff ended up on my paint!

Not being a bodywork expert, I stopped into a local body shop on my way back from the wash and had them take a look at the ugly scuff hitching a ride on my ride. Thankfully the scuff was just that… a scuff.  Whatever had come into contact with my roof transferred some of its paint, or whatever it was, onto mine and with the quick help of an expert it was removed with a chemical.  The technician was even kind enough to buff it out completely and he did it all for free!  There are still a couple of good sized scrapes from the offending object but the giant scuff is gone.

So the moral of the story is don’t fret when you get a scuff in your paint.  Most paint jobs today have multiple layers of paint and sometimes a scuff is just riding on the surface.  Other accidental parking lot bumps or scrapes can leave really nasty looking scrapes in your paint that are actually worse looking than they really are.  More often than not a good buffing or a work over with some rubbing compound can help clear up the blemish.  When using rubbing compound, be sure to do your research if you haven’t used it before.  Rubbing compound is basically a liquid sand paper and comes in different strengths.  Using a compound on the wrong type of paint, rubbing too hard, or having the wrong type will do more damage than good.  Then again if you have a body shop around, with great customer service, they might just work it out for you for free!  I’ll give a shout out to Majestic Autobody in Idaho Falls for the great customer and helping keep my Durango in top shape.


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