The MirraChrome Golf Cart

17 Feb

I’ve only been golfing a hand full of times in my life, and for good reason.  I’m about as good at golf as Drew Carey was at replacing Bob Barker on The Price is Right.  In other words… I stink.  However, if I were to pick up the clubs and head to the fairway, I’d need something to help compensate for my +3,000,000 on the tally card.

The MirraChrome Golf Cart

The MirraChrome Golf Cart

What better way to compensate than in a chromed out whip of a golf cart.  Meet the MirraChrome Golf Cart.  It was built nearly ten years ago for SEMA, so if you’ve seen it before, pardon me.  Built by The Alsa Corporation, in cahoots with Falken Tire, the MirraChrome Golf Cart looks like Rick Moranis got a Lincoln Navigator in the cross hairs of his shrink ray.  The cart was put together for SEMA to display a newly developed type of paint that would appear like a chrome.  Driving this around the course would definitely detract from the extra strokes it would take to get my ball in the hole.

[Source: The Alsa Corporation]

MirraChrome Paint

MirraChrome Paint


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