BMW May Revive Triumph

1 Mar
Triumph TR7 Hardtop shortly after model launch

Image via Wikipedia

It’s clear that BMW has some kind of an interest in cheeky British sports cars.  Maybe those Bavarian‘s are getting tired of the cookie cutter stereotype that BMW’s carry; similar to the Audi‘s, a lot of stiff upper class folk drive German.  Yet, a solid decade ago BMW revived the Mini name and started pumping out cute little go karts with 1,000 different options to paint them.  Today, Mini is once again a popular car for the hip and high on life.

Another character filled car company from the Brits was Triumph.  Known for their sporty convertibles that competed with the likes of MG, Triumphs were and still are, a favorite of many.  Yet Triumph folded over a decade ago and the name has been nothing but motorcycles since.  BMW held onto the rights of Triumph back when it was acquiring Mini though and it sounds like they may be toying with the idea of bringing Triumph back.  I have to admit that a new aged TR7 or Spitfire would be pretty cool, especially if it has some BMW under the hood and at the four corners.  BMW has had a lot of British experience with Rolls-Royce, Mini, Rover, and MG, so I expect that if Triumph is revived it will have plenty of that old British flair that so many find appealing.

[Source: Auto Blog]


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