A Brief Respite At The Car Show

5 May

It’s been several weeks since I’ve had an opportunity to write and though I have the itch to do it on a daily basis… the rigors of daily life and my new job usually get the better of me.  However my boy Cooper and I were out washing the family minivan today and came across a sign for a car show at the local high school on our way home.  Naturally, we dropped by to admire the mix of classic American iron and import tuners that were there.

1956 Chevy

If it isn’t raining here in the Northwest it’s drizzling, but that didn’t seem to deter this group of enthusiasts that had shown up to display their pride and joy.  A favorite of mine at every car show are the 1955 to 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Airs that are almost always present.  In my mind there are muscle cars, classic cars, and hot rods.  These three groups generally make up the majority of entries at an average car  show… with a scattering of imports, exotics, and european examples.  Bel-Airs have always been the epitome of the classic car scene and occasionally you’ll find one that is a prime custom hot rod.  One of the most beautiful cars ever made, the Bel-Air will forever be on my bucket list of cars to own.

Today exotic super cars are producing well over 600 horsepower, with some examples like the Bugatti Veyron punching out over 1000.  I was a Junior in High School when the Ford GT was being plastered all over magazine stands and to this day has been the object of my desire.  What’s not to love about an American built exotic with 550 supercharged ponies wailing behind you.  Exotics and super cars had been somewhat slow in their progression until the Ford GT hit the scene and then all of a sudden it became an all out horsepower war!  When done properly, retro cars like the Ford GT can be among the most desirable and the call back to the original GT-40 was done perfectly here.  This graphite GT is immaculate and one that I would very much like to own someday.

Ford GT

A car show isn’t a car show unless there is at least one Mopar present and this sublime green Road Runner is among the most sought after Chrysler built muscle cars of all time.  The horsepower war is alive and well in 2012 but the 60’s was the when the original fast car frenzy began and the Mopar clan of cars were among the most potent.  With several high output engines as options Road Runners could range from just over 300 horsepower to a blow your doors off 400 +.  This pristine 1970 was equipped with the legendary 440 cubic inch power plant that produces just shy of 400 horsepower.

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

There were many other examples that I could spend all day discussing at the show but of course life must go on… unfortunately.  However, Cooper and I did enjoy a nice break and we’ll be looking for more car shows in the near future as Summer draws near.  The Grand Opening of the LeMay museum in Tacoma is just a month away which will be a world class event.  Until then… stay tuned for more automotive antics as time permits.


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