Barracuda to Replace Challenger?

23 Sep

Dodge Challenger SRT8

Several months ago I brought you news that the name Barracuda had been registered under the Chrysler name.  Since that time, more has transpired and I can confidently say that the Barracuda is coming back and under the SRT nameplate.  What details are currently available can be found in my latest article at The Daily Derbi by clicking here.

The long and short of it is, the SRT Barracuda should make its sales debut in 2015 and will be smaller than the current Dodge Challenger.  Engine options will range from the 2.4L turbo that will be available in the Dart all the way up to the mighty 6.4L Hemi.  Rumor has it that the Barracuda may not have an V6 option.

The big question of the day is: Will the Barracuda fit in the Chrysler lineup alongside the Dodge Challenger?  Either the Challenger and Barracuda will appeal to different types of performance car enthusiasts or the the Challenger will leave the party due to increasingly strict CAFE requirements which don’t cater to numerous performance cars under one roof.  If the latter proves true, the Challenger will be missed and leave a pleasant memory of Mopar‘s of old.  Big heavy cars with lots of power are giving way to smaller lighter sportsters that still make plenty of power with much less in the displacement department.  It’s not a bad thing but the muscle cars of old will be missed.


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